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Affordable housing. How topical is that? And it shows that the Bauhaus, its ideas and its solutions to problems are still relevant today. In Dessau, take time to tour the Törten Estate. This Bauhaus project aimed to provide for “people's needs, not luxuries”. And the 300 mass-produced, affordable, two-story, flat-roofed houses are still homes. At Haus Schulenburg, Villa Zuckerkandl and Haus Aucherbach, chat to hosts about days gone by. One house that looks as it did 90 years ago is the Anton House: innovative glass bricks; windows high in the walls; an upstairs terrace for relaxing. Gropius wanted workers to be self-sufficient; the garden was devoted to growing vegetables.

Although Törten’s houses look small, compare them with nearby medieval towns, with their tiny shops and taverns. If Bauhaus idealism inspires you, why not study in BauhausLand? The Bauhaus University in Weimar offers courses in Urban Planning; the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is developing designs for the future of our cities.

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Inspired by radically rethinking society and a lack of affordable housing, the Bauhausers designed numerous housing estates during their Dessau era. The premise for their affordable housing was that light, air, and sun should be accessible to everyone. What a contemporary philosophy!

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In and around Dessau, don’t miss …

… a tour for individual travelers to Siedlung Dessau-Törten, starting from the “Konsum” building (tourist information). This terraced housing estate embodies the principles of Bauhaus architecture. Designed by Walter Gropius, they are equipped with modern kitchens and gardens promoting self-sufficiency. To get the true Bauhaus student feel, visit the Prellerhaus and spend the night in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reconstructed rooms will certainly give you an impression of the Bauhaus.

In and around Weimar, set out on the BauhausTrail …

… and discover the traces of Bauhaus all over Weimar. Inspired by the “Haus am Horn”, a major testimony to the classical modernity of the 1920s, the “Neues Bauen am Horn” Weimar is a modern neighborhood with roots in Bauhaus, which is definitely worth a visit. Situated above the Park on the Ilm and Goethe’s garden house, a visit can easily be combined with a relaxing walk through the park. Recharge your batteries before heading to Willy-Brandt-Platz Erfurt with its rich variety of dining options. Just GoBauhaus!

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Quedlinburg has more half-timbered buildings than anywhere else in Germany. This might also be why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the "1,000 places to see before you die" in the eponymous travel guide.