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Women and Bauhaus

Discover the women who made a difference

When the Bauhaus opened in 1919, more women than men applied to study there. Their choice of courses was limited, but at least they were allowed in. And they were definitely invited to join male students and the faculty at their legendary parties. Think exotic costumes; hot jazz; late nights. As for work, among the women deserving better recognition are weaver Gunta Stölzl, potter Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain, and toy maker Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. Marianne Brandt’s name is not familiar, but it should be. Students around the world know her Kandem bedside light, designed in 1916, but looking totally 2018. Better known is printmaker and textile designer Anni Albers, who fled to Black Mountain College, North Carolina in 1933.

Today, in Dessau, you can do more than visit the Bauhaus campus. See memorabilia; stay overnight in the 1926 Prellerhaus student rooms; enjoy the regular arts and music festivals; have a beer and a meal in the Bauhaus’ own cafés and restaurants. Feel the history.

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The Bauhaus Dessau became a Mecca for young people from all over the world rejecting traditional knowledge. Students lived in the Studio Building, the “Prellerhaus”, while masters and their families lived nearby in the Masters’ Houses. They were often joined by friends and guests, turning Dessau into the artists’ colony of the 20th century.

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In and around Dessau, make sure …

… you stop for lunch at the Bauhaus Canteen or Cafe-Bistro. Enjoy small dishes or snacks and delicious cake in a relaxing atmosphere where legends of the Bauhaus gathered for lunch back then. For those who have missed this year’s Bauhaus Festival in Dessau-Rosslau we have good news: There will be one in 2019, too! Bigger and special as we are celebrating the centenary of Bauhaus. With contemporary theater, music, installations, and performances as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” – total work of art. Bauhaus celebrations in particular break all the artistic norms.

Would you like to encounter a different style? We recommend a half-day trip to Magdeburg to visit the Hundertwasser building, the Green Citadel of Magdeburg, only an hour’s drive away.

In and around Weimar, don’t leave without …

… visiting a beer garden to enjoy a Thuringian Bratwurst. Snack like a local and don’t ketchup your Bratwurst – true Thuringians eat it with mustard. If you travel to BauhausLand in winter, visit one of the traditional Christmas markets. Erfurt, with the greatest Christmas market around, is a must! GoBauhaus – it’s definitely an all-season destination!

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... the “selfie” is a modern phenomenon?

Wrong! The selfie was invented by Gertrud Arndt, a Bauhaus heroine, as early as the 1930s. Only, it was called a self-portrait back then.