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Bauhaus: As hip as ever

A century ago, in Europe and North America, ornate furniture was fashionable – and expensive. Only the wealthy could afford such quality. Then came Bauhaus. This school of applied arts and industry broke down barriers. Good design could be affordable; quality products could be easily made; “less is more.” Typical of this attitude is the iconic Wassily Chair: sleek tubular steel; chic black leather; maximum comfort; minimum material. Bauhaus designers devised new production methods for everything from table lamps and furniture to wallpaper and even housing. What was “normal” in everyday life changed forever.

All this started in the cities of Weimar and Dessau, so these are musts for anyone with a passion for design. Both have new museums opening for the centennial in 2019. In both cities, you can tour the schools and walk in the footsteps of the founding professors and students. Just as they did, you can discuss design as you stroll by rivers and in lovely gardens and sit in pubs and cafés.

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The Bauhaus movement was established in Weimar and Dessau, both within easy reach of four major airports. There is much to see and do in BauhausLand.

It could be that some websites are available in German only. Should you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In and around Dessau, don't miss ...

… the Bauhaus building and the Masters’ Houses, where the masters taught and lived. Should you be traveling in late 2019, you could be one of the first to enjoy the Bauhaus collection at the New Bauhaus Museum Dessau (opening on September 8, 2019). The Bauhaus centenary will feature great events throughout the year. So celebrate and GoBauhaus in 2019.

In and around Weimar, make sure to see ...

… the Haus am Horn Weimar. Currently under construction, it will be re-opened in time for the celebrations in 2019. Meanwhile, we recommend the Haus Schulenburg Gera, only a 50-minute drive from Weimar. Do you want an authentic Bauhaus experience? Then stay at the Bauhaus hotel “Haus des Volkes” in Probstzella. Just GoBauhaus!

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... on how to enjoy an authentic Bauhaus experience, alongside a host of historic and fun attractions visit us on Facebook. We want you to have a memorable vacation.

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Bauhaus goes Fashion

Modernism: As hip as ever.

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou has created a series of dresses, jackets, and other garments that combine Bauhaus and the ostentation of high Victoriana. For her, the roots of modernism lie in the Victorian era, when proponents such as William Morris began approaching aesthetics with an all-encompassing ideology that the Bauhaus would dub “Gesamtkunstwerk” – total work of art. Mary Katrantzou’s collection was created for the Autumn Winter 2018 season, and debuted in a fashion show for this year’s London Fashion Week in February. Learn more