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The Bauhaus Party

Soon, it's Christmas time in BauhausLand. A very special season all over Germany.

At Christmas markets, the sweet smell of cooking might be Baumkuchen, which is like a waffle, but cooked over an open fire. A 500-year-old treat, this cake is rich with eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. Stollen, the sweet yeast bread, packed with dried fruits, is another local delicacy, now enjoyed world-wide. Then, there is Pfefferkuchen, a hearty gingerbread made with honey.

For something savory, munch on Thuringian Rostbratwurst, Germany’s best sausage. Grilled over charcoal, it makes a perfect partner for the strong, malty Christmas beer, brewed for the winter season. A fun gift is a special souvenir pottery mug designed for drinking Glühwein (mulled wine). Treats to take home include Halloren Kugeln from Halle (Saale). These chocolate balls, with strawberry, cherry or blackcurrant flavors are made by Germany’s oldest chocolate maker (1804).

Every Christmas market is different. Here are a few of our favorites in BauhausLand.

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